Residential Training Dates 2019

If your Introductory teacher training takes place from January 2018 onwards, you can book onto an Advanced Teacher Training event from (and including) September 2018. Please remember that we ask you to leave at least six months between your Introductory and Advanced Training events.

Date Location Training Type
July 20-26, 2019 Adhisthana Retreat Centre, Herefordshire Introductory and Advanced Teacher Training
Sept 21-27, 2019 Taraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales Introductory and Advanced Teacher Training
Nov 9-15, 2019 Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire Introductory and Advanced Teacher Training

*Please note that Vajrasana has heavy fire doors which affect access for people with mobility issues. We apologise for this and are happy to discuss your access needs with you to look at the most appropriate support or booking we can offer.

Non Residential Training Dates 2019

Students must attend a residential retreat for at least one level of training (TTi or TTa). If choosing the non-residential option for either their TTi or TTa, students must be able to attend both modules 1 and 2.

Introductory Teacher Training (TTi)

8 - 10 April (Module 1) Manchester
3 - 5 June (Module 2) Manchester  

31 July - 2 August (Module 1) London
28 - 30 August (Module 2) London

Advanced Teacher Training (TTa)

5 - 7 August (Mod­ule 1) Manchester
2 - 4 September (Mod­ule 2) Manchester

2 - 4 October (Module 1) London
20 - 22 November (Module 2) London

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