The Little Mindfulness Workbook

"A great, down-to-earth mindfulness book that will get you started on a long and fruitful journey"

Dr Danny Penman, co-author of mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World

ISBN: 9781780591544


Author: Gary Hennessey

Everyday techniques to help you combat stress and enhance your life. With our busy schedules and hectic lives mindfulness has never been more relevant or sought after.

Expert author Gary Hennessey brings together his 35 years of experience as one of the UK’s leading practitioners for his new book The Little Mindfulness Workbook, a practical guide to everyday mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness can help combat stress, anxiety and depression but it is also a great tool for allowing more happiness, freedom and kindness into our lives, even when things are going well.

Using transformative techniques and exercises coupled with the theory behind the practice, each chapter of the book builds on the outcomes of the last helping the reader to build a repertoire of techniques.

The Little Mindfulness Workbook provides a great addition for anyone studying mindfulness and if broken down into the individual chapters the book can be treated as an 8-week at home mindfulness course.

Supported by online meditations and downloadable worksheets the book can help us to:

  • Combat stress, anxiety and depression
  • Learn the value of acceptance
  • Choose how to respond to unwanted experiences
  • Improve our happiness and well-being

“Gary Hennessey is one of the country’s most experienced mindfulness teachers. Follow his advice. It will serve you well.” - Dr Danny Penman, co-author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

Accompanying Guided Meditations 

To download the accompanying Diary Worksheets for this book - either click on the individual sheets below

or to download all  the files in a zip folder click here

Meditation 1: Bodyscan (127.92 KB)

Meditation 2: Mindfulness of breathing (127.7)

Meditation 3: Listening to sounds (132.81 KB)

Meditation 4: Mindfulness of breathing - working with thoughts (136.22 KB)

Meditation 5: Mindful movement  (133.42 KB)

Meditation 6: Mindfulness of breathing - working with a charged thought (136.35 KB)

Meditation 7: Being with an unwanted experience (135.62 KB)

Meditation 8: Kindness to self (46.25 KB)

Meditation 9 - Kindness towards someone you like (132.54 KB)

Meditation 10: Kindness towards people about whom we feel indifferent (131.95 KB)

Meditation 11: Kindness towards people we find difficult (132.11 KB)

Meditation 12: Kindness to all (129.19 KB)