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"It has really helped me deal with work stress - I can't recommend the course enough."

Breathworks was founded by Vidyamala Burch, Gary Hennessey and Sona Fricker. All three continue to lead mindfulness and compassion based training in the UK and internationally.

Mindfulness Expert Vidyamala Burch - Founding Director - BreathworksVidyamala Burch, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board

Vidyamala co-founded Breathworks CIC in 2004 and is now recognised as an international leader in Mindfulness-based Pain Management. She has written three books including the best-selling ‘Mindfulness for Health’ (co-authored with Danny Penman). This was awarded First Prize in Popular Medicine in the British Medical Association Books Awards.
In 2018 Vidyamala was awarded an honorary membership to the British Pain Association. This was for her extraordinary contribution to the field of pain management with the development of Mindfulness-based Pain Management (MBPM).


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Mindfulness expert Sona Fricker - Breathworks mindfulnessSona Fricker, Co- Founder and Executive Director

Sona has practised and taught mindfulness, meditation and related disciplines around the world for over forty years.

He was involved in the establishment and running of several meditation centres, including founding a public centre in Stockholm, Sweden, and working as Director of a retreat centre in the UK, where he spent much of his time leading and attending intensive retreats.

He has led retreats and Buddhist training programmes in the UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Mindfulness Expert Gary hennesey - Breathworks Mindfulness Founding directorGary Hennessey, Director

Gary has been practising and teaching mindfulness and meditation for over forty years. He has worked with Vidyamala and Sona since 2003 and has previously held the role of Director of Training for Breathworks.  He is the author of two successful books, the Little Mindfulness Workbook and The Art of Reflection.

In recent news, meet our newly appointed Non-Executive Directors. 

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