Mindfulness is the key to mental clarity.
Mental clarity is the key to everything else.

What is Mindfulness?

The Problem of Workplace & Employee Stress

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace?

Our Programmes:

          - Introductory Sessions

          - Mindfulness in the Workplace Course

          - Bespoke Training

          - Mindful and Compassionate Leadership Training

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply knowing what is happening in your mind, while it is happening.

Many of our thoughts are accurate and useful—and many are not. Yet, in the heat of the moment it is often difficult to tell which is which.

Breathworks courses develop your ability to step back from the flow of thoughts and emotions—rather than getting swept up in it. This clarity of mind allows you to make better decisions, stay calm, and act more effectively.

The Problem of Workplace & Employee Stress

  • 57% of sick days - and huge reductions in effectiveness and productivity (not to mention wellbeing!) at work - are caused by workplace stress.

  • Two thirds of employers reported an increase in mental health problems in the last year

  • £35 billion was the cost to UK employers from mental ill health in 2018

  • 24% more working days are lost to mental illness compared to a decade ago - and the number is rising.

"60% of long-term work absence is caused by mental ill health. The CMO suggested more should be done to prevent mental ill health and cited mindfulness-based treatment as one of the evidence-based options."

         - from "Health, Wellbeing, & Mindfulness" - The Mindfulness Initiative, 2019

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What are the Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace?

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Improved workplace relationships, problem-solving, and morale

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Increased stress management, productivity, focus, and concentration for team members

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Better mental health and wellbeing, greater resilience, and reduced absence

The All-Party Parliamentary Group Mindfulness Initiative has recognised the convincing range of benefits afforded by mindfulness training, and recommends Breathworks training as part of an effective strategy to support workplace wellbeing.

Our Programmes

Our mindfulness training can be provided at a level to suit your needs. From introductory sessions to comprehensive skills training, to training for trainers.

All Breathworks coaching sessions are led by dedicated and inspirational teachers who guide participants through practical exercises and share their first hand experiences.  

Our programmes can be delivered in person, on-line, in a group or 1-2-1.

Mindfulness in the Workplace Class Being Taught

Lightbulb icon - Mindfulness in the workplace introductory sessions

Introductory Sessions

Breathworks' introductory sessions acquaint you with mindfulness as an approach to wellbeing, covering methods and perspectives that can be applied immediately. These sessions allow participants to test the water and see if they would like to engage further. 

Resilience Sessions

Half-day educational sessions that provide people with the chance to explore what creates stress and what resilience means for them; delegates explore what they can do differently to improve their resilience and avoid exhaustion. These sessions include an introduction to four mindful practices, which attendees often find highly valuable.

Staff Wellbeing Events

Half-day or full day events, to relax, refresh and restore teams while supporting skills for future resilience.  Ideal for team away sessions or for encouraging staff engagement.

Mindfulness in the Workplace Course

Providing a comprehensive tool-kit of skills and approaches over a period of 4 to 8 weeks - an opportunity for team members to develop a personal practice and explore how they want to apply that practice in their workplace.

This course equips you with the skills to take a mindfulness-based approach to workplace challenges; helping you to develop strong relational skills, whilst learning to stay steady, clear-headed and calm amidst the changing work environment. 

Our course includes extensive teacher-led training and guided practice.  A programme combining both home and work practice supplements the course and embeds the learning.

Bespoke Training

We design and deliver mindfulness-based workshops and training to meet your organisation's specific requirements. 

Mindful and Compassionate Leadership Training

This innovative programme helps leaders to create compassionate cultures through developing mindfulness. 

Train the Trainer

Mortar board icon - Mindfulness in the workplace train the trainer programmeOver the years many of our clients have asked how they can best keep reinforcing a mindful approach within their teams and organisation as a whole.  Our Train the Trainer programme allows a select number of people to be trained by us in order to continue to facilitate a culture of mindfulness within the business. 

We provide training for individuals to become ‘Mindfulness Champions’ as well as offering a full training pathway to becoming an Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher, licensed to deliver our signature courses within your organisation.

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