What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply knowing what is happening in your mind, activities and environment, while it is happening, giving you the space to respond creatively rather than react habitually to whatever comes your way.

It is typically cultivated through short meditations and daily life exercises that build the capacity to ‘attend to’ whatever is happening in ways that are well-balanced.

What Can Mindfulness Do for Employees and Teams?

Mindfulness helps us to “show up” as fully as possible, bringing as much of ourselves as possible to our work. This includes our energy, skills, ideas, enthusiasm, insights and creativity. In order to do that, we first have to know ourselves, what makes us tick, and the potential we all have to change and grow. This is where Mindfulness helps.

The Breathworks programme supports people to develop this essential kind of self-awareness and then learn how to apply that awareness in the work environment. We represent this process through interlocking cogs, showing how through mindfulness, individuals, teams and work cultures can mutually enhance each other, so that positive outcomes deepen over time.

Would your staff and organisation benefit from...

Breathworks Mindfulness Icon Heart

Improved communication, creativity and morale?

Breathworks Mindfulness icon Lightbulb

Increased productivity, focus and concentration amongst team members?

Breathworks Mindfulness Icon Health Cross

Helping employees with chronic pain and long-term conditions to enjoy work again?

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Reduced absence through better management of stress?

Who uses mindfulness?

From business leaders to elite sports practitioners, mindfulness is being used by all kinds of people needing to function at the top of their game.

It isn’t just health conscious companies like Astra Zeneca and Bupa that offer their employees mindfulness training. Forward thinking organisations like Google and Apple swear by it as an employee wellbeing strategy.  Event traditional business giant like Proctor & Gamble and Goldman Sachs have been early adopters, reporting measurable results in productivity and wellbeing.

How to bring mindfulness into your organisation

Mindfulness training can be provided at a level to suit your needs, from introductory sessions to comprehensive skills training to training for trainers. Training can be delivered in groups, online or 1:1, and a consultative approach allows events to be tailored to your organisation's specific aims, objectives and goals.  


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