As a national leader in mindfulness training we’ve been running programmes for individuals, companies and public sector bodies since 2001, with advisory support from senior clinicians and academics from UCL and Kings College London.

A Proven Strategy

Breathworks has worked to continuously improve our programmes for more than a decade.

We have dozens of published programme evaluations and published peer-reviewed papers testifying to the efficacy of our approach:

  • Reduced stress (25%), anxiety (30%), and improved mood (26%)
  • Improved attentiveness and compassion for oneself and others (18%)
  • Improved well-being and resilience (16%) and quality of life (32%)
  • Improved functionality with pain and ill-health (36%)

We have been awarded a Level 3 Social Value Quality Mark; every £1 invested in Breathworks courses produces savings of at least £5.76 in reduced costs to employers, health and other public service needs, and from increased community contributions.

Delivery at Scale

With 450 teachers spread over 35 countries, 240 of whom are in the UK, we have the capacity to deliver high-quality programmes at scale.

Mindfulness Map - Workplace Associates

Our Network of Associates

Our workplace programmes are delivered by a network of our expert associates located throughout the UK. Our associates are highly experienced mindfulness teachers, who bring experience from many sectors and industries, including healthcare, research, education, the corporate and voluntary sectors, and government.

We select our associates carefully to ensure the right fit for your organisation.

Tailored Approach

We take time to get to know our partners, directly addressing the unique experience of your workforce, and creating a bespoke programme for your company’s budget and needs.

With tailored evaluation and support resources, we focus on sustainable, lasting impact.

Evaluation Reporting

Breathworks can provide evaluation reports using validated psychometric tests to assess improvements in quality of life, stress, mood, job satisfaction effectiveness, and more. 

These can demonstrate the improvements from our courses immediately after our courses and over time.

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