Mindfulness at Work


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"It has really helped me deal with work stress - I can't recommend the course enough."

Become Mindful at Work

Our online ‘Taste of Mindfulness’ course is the ideal introduction to mindfulness at work, its benefits, and how to practice.

This short course will give your workplace:

  • A clear understanding of what mindfulness is

  • A concise introduction to the ‘how’ of effective mindfulness practice

  • Guided practices to help you bring mindfulness into life and work

  • And guidance on how to keep the practice alive

Those who join the course will also gain access to the Breathworks Online Community of Practice - containing a wealth of resources, exclusive online events, and support from our community.

The course and online community is also available as an app.

This course contains approximately 2 hours of content - though each guided practice is typically used many times, and we suggest that you take your time and space the course out over a few days!

The course also contains some suggestions for next steps for those who want to start taking practice deeper.

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