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"It has really helped me deal with work stress - I can't recommend the course enough."

"I didn’t think that I’d feel this confident and empowered at the end of the course. The response from staff members has been overwhelming."

- Annette, NHS Consultant


If you value mindfulness, learn to share it with others.

On the Mindfulness Champions Training you’ll learn to lead simple mindfulness meditation practices with competence and confidence, and to apply mindfulness in your work.

While it isn't a full mindfulness teacher training programme, it’s a highly practical, 10-hour training course aimed at anyone who wants to share mindfulness practices with others – in your work or with colleagues in your workplace, with members of your family or with a community group.

You’ll get clear guidance in leading simple mindfulness practices, lots of encouragement, and a chance to practice in a supportive environment. 

Participants need to have taken a mindfulness based course lasting 6 weeks or longer, or have been meditating regularly for at least a year using a practice that's compatible with mindfulness-based approaches.

The course is offered in two formats: five weekly sessions, and two full days.

Who is Champions Training For?

We run courses online throughout the year for people from all walks of life who want to share mindfulness practices with others. People attending include:

  • Workplace Mindfulness Champions wanting to introduce mindfulness practices to their colleagues and foster a more mindful workplace

  • Professionals wanting to use mindfulness in their work with clients, for example as counsellors, social workers or healthcare workers

  • Community group leaders, for example, people working with mental health or rehab groups, or with young people

  • Everyone else: people on our courses have included teachers, park rangers, yoga instructors, hospice workers, mindfulness trainees wanting to focus on meditation teachings skills, mums and dads and many more.


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The Mindfulness Champions Training was developed by Vishvapani. He’s been teaching meditation for almost 30 years, and led over 100 open mindfulness courses. He has worked across society from workplaces to prisons – plus 15 courses for men on probation – and he works with policy makers through Mindfulness Wales and the Mindfulness Initiative.

What the Course Covers


Session One - Introductory Session

Introduction and how to approach mindfulness and meditation.

Session Two - What Calms the Mind?

Thinking mode and sensing mode; posture; leading practices; 'finger breathing' practice in pairs.

Session Three - The Language of Meditation

Leading a breath anchor meditation in pairs; the Three Systems of Emotional Regulation (a model for how mindfulness helps people in different states of mind).

Session Four - Mindfulness at work 

Leading mindful movement in pairs; exploring how to bring mindfulness into a workplace and how to work mindfully.

Session Five -  Looking Ahead

Leading a practice with a partner; recap, consolidation and looking ahead.

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Commissioned Courses

If you want to bring mindfulness into your workplace, we can help you develop a core of mindfulness champions. First, a group will take a six or eight session Breathworks mindfulness course. Then some of them will take the Mindfulness Champions Training, equipping them to share the practice with others. We’ll support you as you integrate mindfulness with your workplace. 

Organisations that have engaged with the MCT include HMP Wymott, Derbyshire Police, Cardiff Probation Service and Cardiff & Vale Integrated Family Support Team and others.

Contact us if you’d like to explore this further.