Mindfulness at Work


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"It has really helped me deal with work stress - I can't recommend the course enough."

Mindfulness training can be provided at a level to suit your needs, from introductory sessions to comprehensive skills training to training for trainers. Training can be delivered in groups, online or 1:1, and a consultative approach allows events to be tailored to your organisation's specific aims, objectives and goals. 

Level 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness Sessions

Testing the Water

Introducing mindfulness as an approach to wellbeing, sharing definitions, key concepts and practices that can be applied immediately, as well as allowing participants to test the water for further engagement. Includes teaching, group exploration, and first-hand experience through guided exercises and practices.

Level 2 - Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness for the Workplace

Providing a comprehensive toolkit of skills and approaches; our 4, 6 and 8 session courses are ideal for people who wish to boost resilience and wellbeing. Shown to reduce stress and milder forms of depression or anxiety, whether associated with work, family or relationships.  Includes teaching, guided practice, exploratory discussion, and home and work practice program.

Mindfulness for Health

Recommended for people experiencing chronic pain, long-term conditions or trauma-related pain, with associated fatigue or distress. Guidance is offered on using mindfulness skills to improve quality of life and ability to function, supporting effectiveness at work as well as helping people to stay in or return to work.

One to One Training

This may be suitable for senior or busy staff, or for people with serious health or other challenging conditions.

Mindful and Compassionate Leadership Training

This innovative programme helps leaders to create compassionate cultures through developing mindfulness. 

Level 3 - Sustaining Practice

Drop-in and refresher sessions, offering extra support to staff sustaining and embedding an ongoing practice, deliverable in person or online.

Level 4 - Building Sustainability

Champions Training

Training in facilitating practice and support groups for peers within an organisation.

Train the Trainer

For those who want to learn to teach Breathworks mindfulness programmes to others within their organisation.


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