Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief


A CD of guided meditations with background music. 

Recorded by mindfulness expert Vidyamala Burch. This CD contains six meditations to help you manage stress and anxiety with more peace and ease. They are all based on mindfulness and compassion meditation and are a variety of lengths to accommodate busy lives. In each of the meditations you’ll be guided to rest your awareness in your body and use the natural breath to calm your body and mind. This will help you develop kindly awareness towards yourself and feel more settled in your body and your life. Each individual meditation comes with some beautifully crafted background music from 'New World Music'.

Practices on this CD

  • Track 1 – Tension Release (05:10)
  • Track 2 – Breathing Space (05:36)
  • Track 3 – Compassionate Body Scan (14:46)
  • Track 4 – Compassionate Breathing Anchor (10:57)
  • Track 5 – Open Heart (10:11)
  • Track 6 – Connection (12:08)