Mindfulness in the workplace associate MJ - BreathworksMJ has been accredited with Breathworks as a mindfulness trainer for six years, where he has taught many of the MfS and MfH courses locally in Manchester. He has been a practising Buddhist for many and worked at the Manchester Buddhist Centre since 1997. He has taught many meditation and Buddhism courses and has a regular meditation practice.

In 2010 he qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher. This technique is well known for posture and about bringing our awareness to our habits both helpful and unhelpful ones. With greater awareness, or mindfulness of our day-to-day activity, we see how our bodies affect our thoughts and vice versa. So he enjoys using his AT skills combined with the Breathworks material, especially with its emphasis on mindful movement and Mindfulness in Daily Action.

Mj has worked with the NHS, it's Graduate Leadership Academy, staff at various trusts and a variety of healthcare professionals. Other clients have included the Royal Northern College of Music, Nando’s management team, Havas Lynx, Autotrader Companies and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

As part of the senior training team Mj is frequently involved in the BW training retreats, supervision of practice courses and one-to-one supervision.