Mindfulness in the Workplace Associate Annika - Breathworks

Annika is an experienced mindfulness trainer with a commitment to bringing mindfulness into workplaces. She completed her training in at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in 2012, followed by Breathworks training soon after and has been teaching mindfulness in general population courses and in busy work places since then.

Annika’s clients have included staff in schools, local businesses, local councils, police and ambulance services and she provides all aspects of mindfulness programmes from introductory sessions to full courses. Participants feedback that her teaching style is very accessible and supportive; offering  real insights in applying these skills to our daily lives. She is particularly interested in supporting staff in schools to learn mindfulness to support their own well being, and to explore the impact that has on the relationships with their colleagues and their teaching.

Coupled with her background in project management, further studies in coaching, psychology and her experience in tailoring mindfulness for individual work place settings, she is an in ideal position to help implement sustainable mindfulness programmes in work places.