Mindfulness in the Workplace Associate Louise - BreathworksLouise is a clinical psychologist, who has worked extensively in primary and secondary mental health care services, and now works in a busy NHS hospital, supporting patients living with chronic health problems and going through complex surgery.

For the past 10 years, Louise has developed an interest, and strong expertise in, mindfulness and acceptance based approaches.  She is a qualified mindfulness practitioner and Associate with Breathworks, who deliver mindfulness training and courses.  She has experience delivering mindfulness courses and individually, to people living with chronic pain and illness, stress, and also to people in the workplace.  Louise is also experienced in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and also Compassion Focused Therapy, and has delivers training in this to other professionals.  She has also delivered ‘ACT in the Workplace’ groups to staff in NHS and educational settings.

For the past 3 years Louise has joined with her sister Rachael, to form InTwoMinds.  Together they have run courses for teachers, using both ACT and mindfulness.  The aim is that participants find ways of incorporating these skills into both their own lives, and into the wider school programme.  They also give talks to parents and educational groups, run inset days, and lead sessions with children in the classroom.

Louise has 3 children, who remain her priority - even more so as they begin to flee the nest.  She enjoys year round outdoor swimming, taking her dog on long walks, singing in a community choir, and making things for people.